With webUnRisk we enabled our customers to build System as a Server (SaaS) solutions based on UnRisk technologies. It allows to deploy high-powered UnRisk applications throughout the web.

Key Benefits And Key Features

Include UnRisk provided functionality into your web sites

Build up Risk Management Platforms for your customers

Use the role/user model of UnRisk Bank or UnRisk Capital Manager to tailor your solution to customers

Use the audit trail functionality of UnRisk Bank or UnRisk Capital Manager to provide your users with a clear view on their activities

Use the unprecedented calculation capabilities of UnRisk and create comprehensive reports for your customers



The standard license is a purchase license including one year of Premier Service. Additional periods can but do not have to be purchased.

webUnRisk requires



Paid up prices including one year Premium Services.

A volume discount is applied to volume packages. A comprehensive-licenses scheme allows leasing on a per seat base related to volume packages.


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